General diary entries


So it seems I have dodged a bullet after my encounter with a bad muscle yesterday.
No sign of any impending tummy problems at all!
I’m so relieved.

So! Lets get this day started.
Nice cup of milky coffee has already been enjoyed.
Now it’s time to play on the computer for a while and have a little fun before heading off to Stevenage to see Batman vs Superman in the IMAX!

The last few days have been very interesting.
Now that a HD copy of The Force Awakens has been leaked, my Tumblr colleagues are taking great pleasure in Gif’ing and re-analysing scenes and to be completely honest, there are moments even I missed after seeing it 9 times!!

Like this moment, in the snow fight at the end of the movie.
When Kylo is fighting Finn he is literally toying with Finn. His attitude is arrogant and very sure of himself. He casually swings and twirls his lightsabre.
It’s not until Finn gets in a lucky shot to Kylo’s shoulder that Kylo decides enough is enough and quickly disarms finn.
After disarming him he actually delivers a brutal punch before finishing him off with a swing of his lighsaber.
Why the punch?
Why not a force hold or a force push?
No, he’s so lost in his anger that he just lashes out with his fist.

finn 1
I believe this Gif was originally posted by

Then there’s the moment he realises he has serious competition.
Rey wins the call to Luke’s lighsaber and Kylo is gobsmacked.


He stands there in absolute ‘awe’ of Rey before striking up his lighsaber, resigned to the fact that he may be looking at someone with the potential to be more powerful than himself.
His whole demeanour changes.
Even then, he gets in a swirl of his lighsaber but it’s not confident or cocky, it’s apprehensive.

I believe this Gif was originally posted by

Then we have that final blow delivered by Rey.
After her ‘epiphony’ when she taps into the ‘force’ she becomes the attacker, the agressor, and literally knocks Kylo on his backside.

OK, by this point Kylo is severly weakend.
Not only has he got a gut wrenching wound from Chewie’s bowcaster but he now also has two fresh wounds delivered by both Finn and Rey.
Rey catches him in his moment of weakness to disarm him and deliver a horifying blow that flattens and finishes him.
It is clear that he receives a deep wound across his face which will undoubtedly leave him with a beautiful scar in EpVIII.
What is not so clear is the fact that her final blow also takes out his arm.

Kylo snow
I believe this Gif was originally posted by

You get a fleeting look at a nasty wound across his shoulder and his arm is laying outstretched and unable to move. He tries to get up but fails.
Could we be seeing yet another Skywalker with a prosthetic in EpVIII?

Early concept art would seem to suggest this possibility.

Kylo concept

As much as I’d love to continue blogging about all these new revelations, it’s time to think about getting dressed ready to go out.
I will continue with this later.

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