General diary entries


I made a lovely fish pie for dinner tonight.
Me, Ian and Marjorie were all thoroughly enjoying it until……

I literally got to my last mouthful and as I bit into it I realised the muscle was hard and it popped in my mouth!!


I ran to the kitchen to spit out what was in my mouth to find a very old and gone off muscle with a horrible semi clear liquid squirting out of it.
That alone made me gag.

I have taken a photo and bagged it up with the packaging it came out of and placed it in the freezer on the off chance that I become extremely sick over the next day or two.

Great, that’s just what I don’t need tomorrow.
All three of us have got tickets for Batman vs Superman at the IMAX in Stevenage and all 3 of us have the potential to be quite ill tomorrow.
The odds of me being quite ill are even higher.

I’ve just done the worst thing possible and Googled shellfish poisoning and read the following….

The harmful substances that cause shellfish poisonings are heat stable, so no amount of cooking will prevent you from becoming poisoned if you eat contaminated fish.

Great, I now have 2 – 12 hours of waiting to find out if this is going to have any effect on me.
I should definately know by tomorrow morning.

Think it will be a long time before I make fish pie again!

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