General diary entries


What a beautiful start to this bank holiday weekend.
The sun is shining, the daffodils are smiling and it truly feels like spring has sprung.

What to do today?
I have no real plans but I am feeling inspired to possibly go and start tidying up the garden.
Something I’m not particularly relishing this year after the issues I’ve had with my knee.
I’ve bought myself a kneeler to assist me in the task.
I just need to remember to take it slowly and take regular breaks because I have a tendency to get just a bit too stuck into things when I’m gardening and then regret it at the end of the day.

Tomorrow, I have just promised to help Dharma ‘gut’ her bedroom. Oh the joy!!
It’s not actually that bad. It’s just got to a point where she needs someone to help her decide what to keep and what to get rid of.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to this weekend for another reason, not because it’s ‘chocolate day’ on Sunday but because I’m going to see Batman vs Superman in IMAX on Sunday.
I’m really looking forward to the fact that Marjorie is coming along with us.
Our budding media/performing arts student is going to freak!
So, today and tomorrow I’m trying to stay clear of spoilers on the internet.
I made the mistake of looking at some press reviews which weren’t too promising but I should know by now that the ‘fan’ reviews very rarely match the ‘press’ reviews so I want to make up my own mind about the film.

So, a few hours in the garden, a roast dinner and a couple of movies it is today then.

Look at that…. I got through this blog without a single mention of a certain movie and person I’ve become obsessed with over the last three months!!

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