General diary entries


So yesterday was the first day of a 10 day run of days off and annual leave.
I spent the day doing nothing much.
I needed to rest my Knee as the day before I had just done my first long day in around 6 weeks and the knee was really complaining about it.

I started with the usual cup of milky coffee and a scroll through all the goings on overnight on Tumblr.
I spent a little time on Pinterest that I haven’t done for ages and got a little carried away pinning pictures but completely forgetting that every time I do that it posts my activity to my Facebook account!! I flooded my dash with Star Wars, Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac and more.
Lovely for me, but not something that interests most of my FB friends and family!
I quickly changed my settings so it won’t happen again!

Having time to spend nosing around the internet I got a little annoyed.
Since becoming a huge fan of Adam Driver I would naturally be interested in reading articles relating to him and his work.
I’ve been getting more and more disgruntled by how mean some of the comments about him are getting and it made me quite angry to think that this man, who has obviously had to deal with comments like this all through his young life, is still being affected by them now.

So I wrote a little post about it. In Defense of a Cupcake!

I think it struck a bit of a chord with some people because by 8 o’clock that evening my blog had spiked it’s viewings from the average 50 – 80 views to an amazing 300!!

I don’t write my blog in the hopes of getting more views, I write it as a kind of a diary for myself.
I find it very cathartic because it gives me a way of venting my enthusiasm for something without boring people who aren’t really interested.
It’s also a way of keeping family and friends updated on certain events.
I don’t care if it gets readers at all to be completely honest but when my site informed me that traffic to my site was spiking I was pleasantly surprised.

As always, my Tumblr colleagues responded with likes and reblogs and some lovely comments in support of what I had said in my blog.
Tumblr is one of my favourite places on the internet, even though I’m probably old enough to be Mother to most of it’s users!!
They are all very passionate about what interests them and it is a great place for amazing Gifs and artwork from some very talented people who most of the time don’t even think they ‘are’ talented!!

So this blog is simply to say


To everyone who reads my blog, likes my blog, re-blogs my blog and generally supports all my interests.
Keep up with all your blogs, movie theories, Gifs, artwork and fan fiction.
Without it I would be very bored!!!!

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