I’m annoyed.
Why am I annoyed?
I’m annoyed at how mean people can be.

I make no apologies for my raving on about my current obsession, Adam Driver and this blog is in his defense.

This is a man who came to the defense of his country after 9/11 and joined the marines.
This is a man who followed a dream after the marines and became an actor.
This is a man who gives his spare time and talent freely by entertaining ‘the troops’ through his own charity ‘Arts in the Armed Forces’

A man who firmely believes that soldiers don’t always need to be ‘dumbed down’ by the type of entertainment they get.

So I get a little ticked off when I read remarks rebuking the way he looks.
He is the first to admit that he’s a little ‘odd’ looking and in fact, has struggled with it his entire life.
Because of this he is a naturally shy type of person and comes across as uncomfortable in interviews. It takes time for him to warm to a situation and has found that studying the art of acting has helped him to overcome this.

What we are left with is an actor with an extremely unique acting style.
His vulnerability is used to great effect, particularly in ‘Hungry Hearts’ and ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’


(Gif ‘I think’ created by bensolotrashh from Tumblr- forgive me if I’m wrong!!)

For anyone who thinks that Adam was a bad piece of casting as Han Solo’s son, I would like to show you this photo created by another Tumblr colleague, yaelloush… I believe.


Now tell me he’s not perfect casting!!!

He has weasled his way into my life and is there to stay.
His career is on the up and I look forward to seeing where it takes him and I can’t wait to blog about every bit of it.

He may not be Brad Pitt but there is something absolutely adorable about him.

He’s an absolute cupcake!!!

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