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Ok, so the follow up with Orthopaedics went very well. They have in fact discharged me.
I was told there is no significant damage to the knee and that all that is needed now is time, exercise, weight loss and a bit of physio.
So I am to carry on as I am and I should see some benefits after another 6 – 8 weeks.

While I was there I also asked about the report on previous x-rays and have been told that I am showing signs of Osteoarthritis, however, it is very early signs and I shouldn’t worry about it too much at this stage and again, exercise and weight loss will help substantially for the future.

So, relief all round.
I have a couple more short shifts this week and just one full long day next week to test the knee out at work and then I’m off for around 10 days to use up some of my annual leave before end of year kicks in.

I realised today that I am working on Star Wars bluray release day!! NOOOOOO!!!
So I have put my faith in the Tesco delivery service that states on their site that if I pre-order the film today it will be delivered on release day.
I’ve ordered the limited edition dark side cover and it should be waiting for me when I get home on the 18th.
If not, there will be hell to pay and they will definately be hearing from my dark side!!

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