Dish of the Weeks


With the release of Batman vs Superman due for release  in less than two weeks, it’s about time this guy got a mention on my Dish of the Weeks.

He’s been a constant favourite of mine through the years but I have to admit, he’s ageing very nicely!!

I don’t go all out to watch everything he’s done and I’ve only recently watched Good Will Hunting but he crops up in quite a few of my favourites over the years.

A Cheesy save the world disaster movie with Bruce Willis

Ben 1

A hilarious story of two fallen Angels using a loophole in God’s word to get back into heaven and another partnering with Matt Damon.

Ben 2

Pearl Harbor
A love triangle set around the events of Pearl Harbor….. and incidentally, a film that has one of the funniest scenes in film history! It never fails to make me giggle.
I may just have to start another category….. Magic Movie Moments!! Watch this space.

Ben 3

The Sum of all Fears
A Jack Ryan outing. A shame he never got to do another one.

Ben 4

I liked it. Could be something to do with the tight red leather outfit!! Enough said.

Ben 5

Amazing film and has Ben looking rather lush with his beard.

Ben Affleck beard

Gone Girl
Another amazing film but not the satisfying ‘kill the bitch’end I wanted!

Ben 6

Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad
Still to be seen and much anticipated by me.
When I found out he was going to be playing Batman I had my reservations, as did most of the internet!
Anyway, the more clips and photos I see, the more I’m liking the older take on Batman and Ben is looking increasingly more yummy as he gets older!

Ben 7

Ben 8

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