General diary entries


I was getting a little bored with the way my blog site was looking so I decided to try and spruce it up a little.
So I had a little look at what was on offer and I quite like the one I’ve chosen.
My only niggle is that it’s all set to the left so if you are viewing on a widescreen monitor it looks a little strange unless you zoom in a little.

I now have an archive which will make going back through my posts a little easier for anyone interested in reading back that far!!

I am loving the new audio and video additions to the widgets!
I will no doubt be posting the occasional favourite quote or video clip from time to time.

I am going to have a bit more of a play tomorrow but let me know what you think in the meantime.

Categories: General diary entries

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  1. Pardon the off-topic comment, but I just spent a delightful hour learning about your geeky guy crushes, love of movies, and wonderful family. Your lighthearted writing feels so familiar and open, and I’m so happy my digital board found your wave. Thank you.

    • Thank you so much for the lovely comment!! I really enjoy writing my blog and I actually find it quite therapeutic at times. I know it doesn’t get a lot of readers but that’s not why I write it. You just made my day!

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