General diary entries


So it’s now been three weeks since a Baker Cyst exploded in my knee.
For the most part it’s healed nicely.
I only really notice a problem when I’m actually walking. The knee doesn’t feel right. It’s not exactly painful but it is a bit uncomfortable.

Anyway, I now need to see how the knee will stand up (excuse the pun) to going back to work.
Occupational Health want me to start slowly so I am on a phased return for a couple of weeks so that I can test the water with the knee and see how it feels.
So tomorrow I am doing a 5 and a half hour shift.
Just enough time for me to make sure I still have all my computer access, catch up on my e-mails and a few small projects and help out in the afternoon clinic.

It will be interesting.
Over the last week I have been trying to test the knee out a bit but apart from a quick trip into town at the weekend and the odd trip to Tesco, I haven’t really been on my feet for more than an hour or two at a time since the initial injury.

Time to start trying to get back to normality.

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