Month: March 2016


Today is a bit of a mixed bag of emotions.

It’s been just over 6 weeks since I sustained a knee injury that saw me taking almost threee weeks off work followed by reduced hours at work and then some annual leave.
In the last 6 weeks I have only done one full 12.5 hour shift!

During my time off, I’ve spent loads of time with the kids and indulging in my hobby, movies.
I can’t deny it, it’s been lovely and I wish I was in the financial position to keep doing it.
Unfortunately, I’m not and tomorrow sees me returning to work full time, but I also can’t deny that I’m looking forward that.
My next shift isn’t until Tuesday so I do get three days to recover from the shock!

It’s going to be interesting to see how my knee is over the next couple of weeks.
I started physio exercises this week and going back to work full time is really going to be testing it.

I will also be throwing myself into a diet from tomorrow.
The fun is over.
Not only do I have a family wedding in September, I also have a family wedding in Italy either in May or July next year.
So I have plenty of motivation to lose wome weight.

Anyway, today I am taking Dharma to the children’s physio to get a re-fresh on her knee exercises as she too injured her right knee just a couple of days after I injured mine!
Then later this afternoon we are taking the kids out to dinner as one last treat.

Getting back to work will hopefully help me to stop obsessing Adam Driver, Star Wars, Kylo Ren and racking my brains reading through theory after theory of what could happen in Episode VIII.
Seriously, my brain is mush.

Good news is that next week I get some fresh material to drool over with the release of Adam’s new movie, Midnight Special. Also starring Michael Shannon.

The week after that we get the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Bluray with loads of extras.
There have been previews of what’s to come and my tumblr colleagues have once again done themselves proud and Gif’d it all to the enth degree so that computer illiterates like me can enjoy it all time and time again.

We can look forward to Adam behind the scenes with JJ Abrams.
Gif source:


Adam practicing his lightsaber fight with John Boyega, without all the Kylo Robes!!.
Gif source:


JJ making sure Kylo stays warm. awww
Gif source:


Adam practicing his lightsaber swings before takes.
Gif source:


Lets not forget Oscar Isaac having a laugh between takes.
Gif source:


And of course, one of the things I am looking forward to the most are the deleted scenes.
One scene in particular as far as I’m concerned and that is Kylo Ren on board the Millenium Falcon.

So, as you can see I actually need work to take my mind off things.
Once I’ve seen the bluray and studied every second of it, I can get back to normality.


There’s another Star Wars movie this Xmas!!


I’m going to give this review a spoiler alert.
I don’t go into great detail about things but if you haven’t seen it yet be warned.

I will admit that when I first found out about this film I was disappointed.

I was disappointed that Henry wasn’t getting a chance to individually build on his Superman with another standalone Superman movie.
I was disappointed in the choice of actor to play Batman.
Even though I’m a Ben Affleck fan, I just didn’t see him as Batman material.
I was disappointed about the introduction of Wonder Woman.
I’ve never been a Wonder Woman fan.
I was even more disappointed in the choice of actor to play Lex Luthor.
I’m not a Jesse Eisenberg fan.

However, the more I found out about it and after seeing the trailers, I was seriously warming to the idea of this film.
I made the mistake of reading a few press reviews after it premiered and this made me start to doubt the film all over again, so when I went to see it in the IMAX today I was a little apprehensive.

I needn’t have worried!

I’m still loving the fact that Lois is the only one who knows who Clark Kent really is and that they are now in a full blown relationship.
Henry is looking better than ever as Superman and is still coming to terms with his reveal to the world and how they are perceiving him.
He’s still doubting that he’s done the right thing.


What can I say about Ben Affleck.
He was perfect.
Seriously one of the best takes on Batman yet.
Take Christian Bale’s Batman, put 10 – 15 years on him and you have Ben Affleck’s Batman.
Mean, moody, psychotic and angry.
He is also looking incredibly good and very fit!


Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman was surprisingly good and my interest has now piqued for the Wonder Woman movie.
She was elegant as Diana Prince and Kick Ass as Wonder Woman.
I just hope they steer clear of the insanely tacky invisible jet and I hope she can carry a movie on her own.


I had no idea the film was just short of 3 hours long and it needed to be.
This is a set up film for a lot of future DC movies. Wonder Woman(2017), Flash(2018), Aqua Man(2018), Cyborg(2020), Justice League(2017+2019) and Suicide Squad(August this year) are all springboarding from this movie.

That said, apart from Wonder Woman featuring quite heavily and helping to save the day, the other characters only get a small introduction via computer files found by Bruce Wayne and then shown to Diana Prince.
The discussion at the end of the movie about finding them and bringing them together is a complete set up for the Justice League movies.

Ben Affleck can be seen again as Batman later this year when he appears in Suicide Squad and he has got a lot of hard work ahead of him to stay in shape as he has signed up for Justice League parts 1 and 2 and so has Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot.

Now, Jesse Eisenberg.
Mmmm, I think he was the only real disappointment for me.
I found him just a bit too manic and crazy.


I always picture him as more controlled, still batshit crazy but controlled.
Jesse didn’t quite cut the mustard for me, not to say that he spoiled the film, far from it.
The rest of the film was so good, I can forgive this one little indiscretion.

I can also forgive the abundant use of CGI.
It worked.
It worked where the Star Wars prequels failed.

Overall, Batman vs Superman was a brilliant addition to the DC collection.
It took it’s time to tell the story and was careful not to overshadow Batman and Superman with future characters.
Even Wonder Woman was well placed and not over powering.
She worked well with Bruce Wayne and will be a great team mate or even partner to Bruce Wayne in the Justice League movies.

I may just have to go and see it again.

Right, now bring on the Suicide Squad!!

Suicide Squad 8


So it seems I have dodged a bullet after my encounter with a bad muscle yesterday.
No sign of any impending tummy problems at all!
I’m so relieved.

So! Lets get this day started.
Nice cup of milky coffee has already been enjoyed.
Now it’s time to play on the computer for a while and have a little fun before heading off to Stevenage to see Batman vs Superman in the IMAX!

The last few days have been very interesting.
Now that a HD copy of The Force Awakens has been leaked, my Tumblr colleagues are taking great pleasure in Gif’ing and re-analysing scenes and to be completely honest, there are moments even I missed after seeing it 9 times!!

Like this moment, in the snow fight at the end of the movie.
When Kylo is fighting Finn he is literally toying with Finn. His attitude is arrogant and very sure of himself. He casually swings and twirls his lightsabre.
It’s not until Finn gets in a lucky shot to Kylo’s shoulder that Kylo decides enough is enough and quickly disarms finn.
After disarming him he actually delivers a brutal punch before finishing him off with a swing of his lighsaber.
Why the punch?
Why not a force hold or a force push?
No, he’s so lost in his anger that he just lashes out with his fist.

finn 1
I believe this Gif was originally posted by

Then there’s the moment he realises he has serious competition.
Rey wins the call to Luke’s lighsaber and Kylo is gobsmacked.


He stands there in absolute ‘awe’ of Rey before striking up his lighsaber, resigned to the fact that he may be looking at someone with the potential to be more powerful than himself.
His whole demeanour changes.
Even then, he gets in a swirl of his lighsaber but it’s not confident or cocky, it’s apprehensive.

I believe this Gif was originally posted by

Then we have that final blow delivered by Rey.
After her ‘epiphony’ when she taps into the ‘force’ she becomes the attacker, the agressor, and literally knocks Kylo on his backside.

OK, by this point Kylo is severly weakend.
Not only has he got a gut wrenching wound from Chewie’s bowcaster but he now also has two fresh wounds delivered by both Finn and Rey.
Rey catches him in his moment of weakness to disarm him and deliver a horifying blow that flattens and finishes him.
It is clear that he receives a deep wound across his face which will undoubtedly leave him with a beautiful scar in EpVIII.
What is not so clear is the fact that her final blow also takes out his arm.

Kylo snow
I believe this Gif was originally posted by

You get a fleeting look at a nasty wound across his shoulder and his arm is laying outstretched and unable to move. He tries to get up but fails.
Could we be seeing yet another Skywalker with a prosthetic in EpVIII?

Early concept art would seem to suggest this possibility.

Kylo concept

As much as I’d love to continue blogging about all these new revelations, it’s time to think about getting dressed ready to go out.
I will continue with this later.


I made a lovely fish pie for dinner tonight.
Me, Ian and Marjorie were all thoroughly enjoying it until……

I literally got to my last mouthful and as I bit into it I realised the muscle was hard and it popped in my mouth!!


I ran to the kitchen to spit out what was in my mouth to find a very old and gone off muscle with a horrible semi clear liquid squirting out of it.
That alone made me gag.

I have taken a photo and bagged it up with the packaging it came out of and placed it in the freezer on the off chance that I become extremely sick over the next day or two.

Great, that’s just what I don’t need tomorrow.
All three of us have got tickets for Batman vs Superman at the IMAX in Stevenage and all 3 of us have the potential to be quite ill tomorrow.
The odds of me being quite ill are even higher.

I’ve just done the worst thing possible and Googled shellfish poisoning and read the following….

The harmful substances that cause shellfish poisonings are heat stable, so no amount of cooking will prevent you from becoming poisoned if you eat contaminated fish.

Great, I now have 2 – 12 hours of waiting to find out if this is going to have any effect on me.
I should definately know by tomorrow morning.

Think it will be a long time before I make fish pie again!


This is something I haven’t blogged about for a while.
I successfully put it to the back of my mind so that the wait for season 2 wasn’t too dramatic!!
Unlike a certain film franchise who is just going to tease us between episodes with stand alone movies and bluray releases…….. and breath….. no, I’m not bitter about that at all….

So, season 2 of Outlander is just 2 weeks away.
In season 2, we have gone from the rough and rugged highlands of Scotland.

To the sumptuous extravagance of 1740’s France and it looks like the costume designers have done themselves proud!

Really looking forward to the change in dinamic this season.


What a beautiful start to this bank holiday weekend.
The sun is shining, the daffodils are smiling and it truly feels like spring has sprung.

What to do today?
I have no real plans but I am feeling inspired to possibly go and start tidying up the garden.
Something I’m not particularly relishing this year after the issues I’ve had with my knee.
I’ve bought myself a kneeler to assist me in the task.
I just need to remember to take it slowly and take regular breaks because I have a tendency to get just a bit too stuck into things when I’m gardening and then regret it at the end of the day.

Tomorrow, I have just promised to help Dharma ‘gut’ her bedroom. Oh the joy!!
It’s not actually that bad. It’s just got to a point where she needs someone to help her decide what to keep and what to get rid of.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to this weekend for another reason, not because it’s ‘chocolate day’ on Sunday but because I’m going to see Batman vs Superman in IMAX on Sunday.
I’m really looking forward to the fact that Marjorie is coming along with us.
Our budding media/performing arts student is going to freak!
So, today and tomorrow I’m trying to stay clear of spoilers on the internet.
I made the mistake of looking at some press reviews which weren’t too promising but I should know by now that the ‘fan’ reviews very rarely match the ‘press’ reviews so I want to make up my own mind about the film.

So, a few hours in the garden, a roast dinner and a couple of movies it is today then.

Look at that…. I got through this blog without a single mention of a certain movie and person I’ve become obsessed with over the last three months!!


So yesterday was the first day of a 10 day run of days off and annual leave.
I spent the day doing nothing much.
I needed to rest my Knee as the day before I had just done my first long day in around 6 weeks and the knee was really complaining about it.

I started with the usual cup of milky coffee and a scroll through all the goings on overnight on Tumblr.
I spent a little time on Pinterest that I haven’t done for ages and got a little carried away pinning pictures but completely forgetting that every time I do that it posts my activity to my Facebook account!! I flooded my dash with Star Wars, Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac and more.
Lovely for me, but not something that interests most of my FB friends and family!
I quickly changed my settings so it won’t happen again!

Having time to spend nosing around the internet I got a little annoyed.
Since becoming a huge fan of Adam Driver I would naturally be interested in reading articles relating to him and his work.
I’ve been getting more and more disgruntled by how mean some of the comments about him are getting and it made me quite angry to think that this man, who has obviously had to deal with comments like this all through his young life, is still being affected by them now.

So I wrote a little post about it. In Defense of a Cupcake!

I think it struck a bit of a chord with some people because by 8 o’clock that evening my blog had spiked it’s viewings from the average 50 – 80 views to an amazing 300!!

I don’t write my blog in the hopes of getting more views, I write it as a kind of a diary for myself.
I find it very cathartic because it gives me a way of venting my enthusiasm for something without boring people who aren’t really interested.
It’s also a way of keeping family and friends updated on certain events.
I don’t care if it gets readers at all to be completely honest but when my site informed me that traffic to my site was spiking I was pleasantly surprised.

As always, my Tumblr colleagues responded with likes and reblogs and some lovely comments in support of what I had said in my blog.
Tumblr is one of my favourite places on the internet, even though I’m probably old enough to be Mother to most of it’s users!!
They are all very passionate about what interests them and it is a great place for amazing Gifs and artwork from some very talented people who most of the time don’t even think they ‘are’ talented!!

So this blog is simply to say


To everyone who reads my blog, likes my blog, re-blogs my blog and generally supports all my interests.
Keep up with all your blogs, movie theories, Gifs, artwork and fan fiction.
Without it I would be very bored!!!!