General diary entries


It was a lovely day yesterday.
It was definately worth going to see Jurassic World and The Martian in IMAX.
I can see more and more time being spent in the IMAX over the next year!!
Thankfully the Unlimited Cinema Cards takes the sting out of the cost!
I just wish there was an IMAX a bit close to home.

Anyway, back to today.
The knee stood up well to a bit of a pounding yesterday although it feels a little stiff today.
Just need to take things careful over the next week and test it a little more each day.
The aim is to get back to work in a week but I have to get through Occupational Health first!

So, what’s the plan for today.
The dreaded garage.
That’s the plan for today.
Just as soon as Ian is up and about we are going to pootle around in the garage and Ian will be doing a few dump runs.
As Ian no longer uses the garage as a Man cave, the aim is to clear as much space as we can, give it a good sweep out and make it into a den for murron and her motor mates.
I will probably be throwing orders around more than anything as I don’t want to overdo it with the knee 2 days in a row.

Then tonight is Oscar night!
I plan to stay up to watch them, surprise, surprise.
I think I am going to be more nervous for Leo this year than any other year.
I know he deserves it.
He’s missed out so many times in the past.
However, I just feel that the Danish Girl is more of the Academy’s style of film and he could loose out to Eddie Redmayne!
Question is, would they give it to Eddie 2 years in a row?!

It’s going to be nail biting stuff and if Leo loses, how is he going to react and how mean will the press or the internet be?

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