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Without spoiling anything for the rest of my UK readers who are watching the new X-Files on Ch5 at the moment, I have to say that today I watched episode 6, the finale to the series.


They can’t be seriously leaving it there!!
Why….why…why would they do that to us?
Bring back the classic duo.
Introduce a younger duo.
Tease us all with nods to the original series throughout, particularly with episode 3, and then……… WHAM!

This….this…. I’m just stunned.
I want to cry.

I DON’T want to believe…. that this is it.
This is truly the end.

But that’s the point isn’t it.
If it performs well on ratings and overseas sales it isn’t the end.
I can’t believe they left it with that ending if they weren’t at least preparing for the possibility of continuing.

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