OK, I am now on day 6 of a forced rest and relaxation couple of weeks.
I’m going a little stir crazy!
I took a little hobble around Tesco yesterday with crutches and ended up regretting it.
My knee gave out on me again!!
Just when I think things are getting better, some unseen little sadist rams a knife into the back of my knee and then twists it for extra effect!!
So the afternoon was spent watching movies with my feet up.

Last night Dharma managed to injure her knee when she misjudged the distance she had to her bed when getting onto it.
Didn’t think much to it until this morning after Ian had gone to work.
She’s got some swelling, a nice bruise starting and she can’t walk!!
I can’t get her to the hospital because of my current injury, so she’s resting and icing it for the day and if necessary, she’ll have to go to the hospital with Ian when he gets in from work.

The school are going to be down my neck again soon because of all the time off she’s had recently.
I can’t win!!

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