So I had my follow up in the Trauma clinic yesterday.
I was basically told to rest and elevate the knee as much as possible.
I was told that recovery time was difficult to predict.
I have been signed off work for 2 weeks and told to see my GP if I need more.
I’ve been given another follow up in exactly four weeks that I can cancel if I don’t need it.
However, if my knee is still giving me issues in 4 weeks then more investigations may be needed.

So it’s really just a waiting game now.
I am able to hobble about slowly without any pain which is a good start.
However, the minute I try to walk at any speed or on an uneven surface or turn at an odd angle, I literally feel like I’m being stabbed in the back of my knee and it catches me from time to time and I feel like it may collapse. So for now, when I venture out of the house, I will be continuing with at least 1 crutch for stability.

So, day 1 of rest.
Making a start on my movie marathon with some old school movies.
The Towering Inferno. Paul Newman and Steve McQueen!! Yum!

towering inferno

I’m expecting a DVD in the post. Regarding Henry. I wanted to buy it at the weekend but it’s been discontinued so I had to buy it from Ebay.

reagarding henry

It’s a lovely film starring Harrison Ford. I haven’t seen it in years and something reminded me about it the other day and I had the urge to watch it.
I couldn’t find it on any on demand service and Prime wanted to charge me £8 for it! So I thought ‘stuff that’ I’d rather buy a hard copy of it.

I need to have a think for anything beyond that.
But with almost 1300 films to choose from, I’m a bit spoilt for choice.

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