It’s been a lovely weekend.
Me and Ian decided to have some alone time without the kids.
Ian collects points with something whenever he goes away on business and had accumulated enough points to practically pay for a good hotel room for Saturday evening and he needed to use the points before they ran out.

As I still had my Xmas money from Mum and Dad and we also had a Wagamamas gift card from Ian’s Dad and Step Mum, we decided to just book a room in Central Milton Keynes for the night.
I know it’s not very exotic but it meant that we could go shopping, watch as many movies as we wanted, meet up with friends for dinner and drinks and not have to worry about driving home.

Anyway, I usually end up being very responsible when I get money like this but I was feeling in the mood to be silly.
I was going to get what I ‘wanted’ this time around and not what I ‘needed’

I started with a few Blurays.
This is Where I Leave You.
What If.
Inside Llewyn Davis.
And While We’re Young.

My Tumblr buddies will probably notice the link in all of these movies.
OK, Inside Llewyn Davis is more Oscar Isaace than Adam Driver but hey! It’s Oscar Isaac!!
It’s also a good movie.

Anyway, we kind of made the mistake of going into Build a Bear.
One Kylo Ren Bear later……

Kylo Ren Bear

The lady in the shop made me stand on the stuffing peddle and when he was stuffed she made me give him a hug to make sure he was OK and then she literally made me pick a small silky heart, give it a kiss and stuff it inside him before she sealed him up!!

He was worth it!
His little lightsaber lights up and makes noises and when you squeeze his left hand he plays the Imperial March!

Anyway, feeling inspired after Build a Bear, we headed over to the Disney Store.
We came away with a pair of lightsabers.
Ian is now the proud owner of Luke/Anakin’s blue sabre and I am the proud owner of Kylo’s red cross guard sabre.
Could make for some interesting evenings!

So, after all the shopping we headed over to the cinema for the first film of the weekend.
The Revenant.
Ian hated it, I liked it.
Stunning cinematography, amazing performances all round.
Do I think Leo will get the Oscar?
His performance was good, I just get the feeling Eddie Redmayne may be pipping him at the post for Danish Girl.
Although I haven’t seen that one yet so I can’t really comment. I just get the feeling it more along the lines of an Academy type of film.

In the foyer I had my photo taken with Poe!

Me and Poe

Not quite the Po I had in mind…….
But I can dream.

Poe dameron 2

After that we met up with some old friends at Frankie and Benny’s for Dinner.
We don’t meet up with them anywhere near enough these days so it was nice to just chat and have a bit of a catch up.

Then we headed off for our second film of the day.
Ian loved it, I hated it.
What a pile of shit!!
I felt like I was sat at home on my computer while the kids are watching one of their inane American kids shows.
I think I actually dozed off for about 30 minutes of it.

Anyway, after that we went to Bar Revolution for a drink before heading off to the hotel.
Ian’s back wasn’t going to be able to take another movie so we picked up some drink and nibbles on the way back and settle in for the night.
I got to watch Magic Mike on TV at least.

The next morning we had a relaxing start with a lovely breakfast at the hotel and then we checked out and headed over to the cinema for our third movie of the weekend.
We both loved this one.
Definately our kind of movie.
Think I may just have to go and see it again!!

After that we finally got our Wagamamas.
Then we called it a day and headed home.

Today has been a bit of a catch up on the cleaning day.
I had to go and get a new Hoover.
I didn’t realise how bad our old one was until I hoovered the hallway and in just 2 minutes I had filled the chamber with dust and crap!

Anyway, time to crash for the evening with some of my new blurays and get ready for work and reality tomorrow.

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