Finally feeling human again, if just a little bit drained of energy.

Took Dharma for a follow up at the hospital about a wrist problem and she’s been given 3 months to think about the options that have been given to her.
The surgical option involves a big scar so the surgeon wanted her to go away and have a really good think about the consequences before making a decision.

I’m now just waiting for kids to get in from school.
It’s Thursay and I always let them get bought sandwiches and few treats for school packups on a Friday so there’s no point doing a Tesco run until they’ve got home.

So, I’ve been sitting here watching a movie on Youtube and, feeling a bit lost for anything to do, I did something I haven’t done in years.
I dug out my pencils and sketch book and had a go at a portrait.

It’s been a tentative start but I’m really surprising myself.
I may actually finish this one.


Could be the start of a renewed hobby!

I forgot to take my pain killers this morning and by the time I was walking into hospital with Dharma my knee was killing me.
There’s certainly no way I can power walk any more so losing weight over the next year has just become even harder.

Anyway, better remember to take my pain killers with me this weekend.
Me and Ian are having a couple of days away from reality.
A few movies, a few meals, a few drinks, meeting up with some old friends and a bit of shopping.
Would like a bit more spending money but hey ho, can’t have everything.

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