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Not quite so urrrgh today.
Just feeling completely drained with no energy.

So, another movie day it is then.
But I am going to start off with a blog.

As I sit here listening to my music on Spotify it occurred to me just how much music I listen to that has been written for or used in movies.
I have a playlist of movie songs which are quite literally songs that have been used in films.
Songs like….
Shape of my Heart by Sting used in Leon.
Fly Me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra used in Space Cowboys and the recent Robocop.
Secrets by One Republic used in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.
Don’t You Forget About Me by Simple Minds used in Breakfast Club.
Kiss from a Rose by Seal and used in Batman Forever.
Skyfall by Adele and used in Skyfall.
Time in a Bottle by Jim Croce and used in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

You get the idea.
However, I have a Movie Musical list as well and this contains the music from films.
Not songs but the film score itself.

This is a much bigger list and contains some incredible and iconic music.
Some of this music is so powerful that it quite literally ‘made’ the film it was written for.
I defy anyone to go through this list and not find at least a half dozen pieces of music they recognise or even love. 

The composers are today’s ‘classical’ music artists and are what I consider to be the modern Beethoven’s or Holst’s or Bizet’s or Verdi’s or Mozart’s……

Some of my favourites include…

Michael Giacchino
This composer was responsible for re-imagining Star Trek when it was re-booted in 2009 and I think he did an astounding job giving us a taste of the old but adding new music in the process.

He’s the man that made us all cry with this little beauty from ‘Up’

Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol.
You all know the theme but he really puts a spin on it. Amazing stuff.

Hans Zimmer brought Superman back to the big screen.
He completed the total break away from everything that was done with Superman in the past. There’s not a hint of the John Williams theme in there at all but the quiet start and then powerful build up in this theme is just as stunning and I hope it continues in the next Superman movie.

Don’t forget he also brought us Gladiator..

and Backdraft….

and Pearl Harbor…

and Batman Begins….

and Da Vinci Code….
One of my all time favourite pieces of music! Lovely build up.

Then we have the hauntingly beautiful music of Danny Elfman with Edward Scissorhands…

and the quirky and ominous Beetlejuice….

And now we get onto some major players in the movie composing business with James Horner.
This composer is best known to Star Trek fans for giving us the ‘ultimate’ Star Trek film score when he did ‘Wrath of Khan’.
This soundtrack was incredible from start to finish.

But he also brought us Cocoon…

and Braveheart….

A Beautiful Mind….

and Avatar….

But the undoubted King of movie composing has got to be John Williams.
Words cannot express what an impact this man has had on movie music and I am going to try and put into this list, some of his most iconic pieces from across the decades.
I guarantee that some of this stuff will give you goose bumps!!

He started writing for TV and Film back in the late 50’s!
However, I will be starting with some of his work from the 70’s where he wrote the music for The Poseidon Adventure….

and Earthquake…

and Towering Inferno…..

and then he hits cinematic gold with Jaws!!
Possibly the most iconic piece of music ever written.

of course that is until Star Wars came along!
Here is the man himself, conducting a live orchestra with my absolute favourite piece from Star Wars… The Imperial March. Just look at the joy on this man’s face.
Turn that volume up and enjoy!!!

It, didn’t stop there. He’s composed for every single Star Wars movie since and is signed up to do episodes 8 and 9.

In the same year as Star Wars he also gave us Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Then there is no stopping the man as he goes and gives us Superman…

Raiders of the Lost Ark…


Home Alone……

Jurassic Park….

Schindler’s List….

Harry Potter….

This is just a small selection of his incredible portfolio.
The man is an absolute genius and really knows how to get feeling into his work.
The Imperial March from Star wars ALWAYS gives me goose bumps.

However, I couldn’t end this list without adding ‘Kylo Ren’s Theme from Star Wars: The Force Awakens’
A perfect piece of music for the character showing the struggle between light and dark.
It starts off so gentle and sad but by 1.40 minutes you get that unmistakable trombone fanfare that always signals Kylo’s arrival.
Can’t wait to see what he does with the next two movies.

And that is just a glimpse into some of the movie music I listen to and I don’t think that today’s composers get anywhere near the recognition they deserve for the work they do.
Films and TV would be lifeless without their talent.

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