Day 2 of feeling like complete poo!
Not quite so dizzy today but aching all over.

Slept most of yesterday afternoon.
Watched The Martian with the hubby then promptly fell asleep and slept most of the evening and night too!

Got up this morning to moaning kids who left it to the last minute to find p.e. kits or can’t find shoes without holes in!!
Not what I was in the mood for the way I’m feeling!

Anyway, the house is now filled with the sounds of Ian packing up stuff he’s sold on Ebay and Mum ironing in the kitchen and the bloody washing machine has just gone onto spin!!
My poor head.

Anyway, thankfully Ian is off today.
He’d booked the day off originally because I was working and Marjorie needed to get to a college interview this afternoon.
Dharma has a follow up with the Dietician at the hospital that Mum is going to take her to and originally I would have met them from work for half an hour but that won’t be happening now because I am going to be dying on the sofa.
She’ll have to talk to the Dietician on her own.

On the positive side, me and Ian have decided that we could both probably do with a little break and as he has some points saved after some business trips, we are using them on a hotel in Central Milton Keynes for a night on Saturday.
So, something to look forward to. A little shopping with my unspent Xmas pot from Mum and Dad, a few movies, a couple of meals utilising our Wagamamas card we got for Xmas from Ian’s Dad and step mum and basically not having to worry about having a drink before driving home.

I am now drinking my second cup of milky coffee and I have just checked in on Box Office Mojo.
I am pleased to announce that Star Wars: The Force Awakens has broken the 2 billion dollar barrier!!
Unbelievable. Especially when you consider that it was reached in just 51 days!!
It is still sitting in third place which is just 178 million behind Titanic and 780 million behind Avatar BUT you also have to consider that Titanic and Avatar have both had multiple releases and 19 years and 7 years respectively to reach those targets.
Star Wars did it in 51 days!!!!

That’s cheered me up a little.

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