Star Wars Musings


Originally posted on 5th February and updated 26th February
So I’ve had time to think.
After 9 viewings of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I am satiated….. at least until the Bluray comes out!

There is a fence in our house.
My husband is on one side and I am most definately on the other.

He believes that now Kylo has done what is required for him to complete his transition to the Dark side by skewering his father, Kylo is now most definately on the dark side with no redemption ahead of him and that Rey will most definately be taking his head off!

I however, am not convinced.
From the few heartbreaking minutes on the bridge with Han when we most definately see the tormented ‘Ben’ overpowering his Kylo alter ego, I was convinced….. he is going to be in for one hell of a redemption story.

My husband will argue ‘yeah, but he got his arse kicked by a girl, with no force training whatsoever!!’

My response to that is quite simple.
‘Did you actually watch the movie?’

By the time Kylo got to fight Rey, he has been hit in the side by Chewbacca’s bowcaster.
A weapon we have been shown time and time again throughout the film, knocking it’s victims off their feet and throwing them violently backwards to their death.
This same weapon only knocks Kylo temporarily to his knees but delivers a serious wound.
When he fights Finn, he is already bleeding out and weakened.
To keep himself on his feet he continually thumps this wound site drawing on the pain and anger he feels and during this fight, he is delivered another wound.

Reylo 1

So, by the time he fights Rey he is severely weakened and, lets face it, he’s letting his anger get the better of him.
Has he realised that killing Han has not delivered the peace within himself that he so desperately needs?
His need to train Rey is a desperate attempt at keeping control, knowing that Rey is potentially stronger than he is when he is not hindered by wounds.
He also knows that he could be cast aside by Snoke if Snoke believes Rey is the stronger of the two.

Where would this leave Kylo?
If he renounces the Dark side, who is ever going to trust him again and how is he ever going to forgive himself for what he’s done?!

There’s still good in him. I know it!

As for who Rey is….. I personally think she could be related to Obi Wan Kenobi.
I know the consensus is that she is a Skywalker, probably Luke’s daughter, but I’m not so sure.
There is one theory I’ve read that I quite like and that is that she is Leia’s daughter!
By the time of The Force Awakens, Leia and Han have been seperated for years. It’s quite possible that Leia had another relationship and another child.
This would mean that she is Kylo’s half sister and the pair of them share the Skywalker bloodline.
Whoever she is, I believe they will both be needed to bring balance to the force.

We’ve got nearly 2 years to wait before we know anything for sure.
So, I’m going to enjoy the Bluray when I get it and then I’m going to try and avoid spoilers.
That’s not to say I won’t continue to read theories!! or maybe even write some of my own.

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