After the last couple of weeks with bugs in the family leading to one hospital stay and countless trips to GP, hospital and phlebotomy clinics, I decided that on my days off, today and tomorrow, I was going to chill and do as little as possible!!

My Mum had worked her wonders on the house for me yesterday so there was very little to do beside a quick trip to the shops for some veggies for tea.
As I sat at the computer this morning, the house was blissfully silent and all I wanted to do was mess around on Youtube and Tumblr and maybe listen to some music, but then…….
Mum arrived!!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Mum and I love the fact she helps me keep my house under control so that I ‘can’ actually enjoy my days off but my Mum has a tendency to natter while she’s doing stuff.

How can I tell my Mum that occasionally, I just want to sit at my computer and maybe listen to some music without her popping her head into the room and talking every five minutes!!
So, I got myself dressed and helped her.

Anyway, the afternoon was spent blissfully watching movies and taking a much needed nap.
Then I got a phone call.
I had been expecting it all afternoon.
I had my hips and my right knee x-ray’d a couple of weeks ago and I was now waiting for a call from the GP to discuss the results.
To be honest, what he told me came as no surprise.
I have the early signs of arthritis in both the hips and the knee.
This just confirmed my suspicions.

In my head I still feel like I did 20 years ago.
I’m still passionate about my movies and TV shows and actors.
But my body is now beginning to fail me and I’m feeling old.

I’ve already noticed a slow down in my daily routine due to the pain.
Now I’ve got to make some big changes to my lifestyle to lose some serious weight and hopefully slow down the progress of the arthritis.


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