So, I went to the cinema again today.

This is the first chance my husband has had to go to the cinema this year so far and when I asked him what he wanted to see, he smirked and said… Star Wars?

Like I was really going to argue with him!!

As I walked into the cinema, it occurred to me that there are quite a few movies currently showing that I want to see.
Some of them Oscar nominated.
The Revenant, Room, The Big Short, Creed, Dirty Grandpa…… even The Danish Girl before it disappears!

I have been to the cinema a grand total of 8 times since Dec 18th and all of them were for Star Wars.
That really has to be it.
Time to try something new.

I can’t confirm anything yet but it looks like we may be getting an April Bluray release!
That’s pretty damned quick!
I thinks I can give Star Wars a rest for a while.

Anyway, sitting here on my computer I have just discovered a new photo from another one of my obsessions.
Joel Kinnaman likes to keep himself to himself but with the release of Suicide Squad looming, I’m expecting to see more of him on multi media platforms.

Today I came across this candid snap of him with his Tattoo artist girlfriend, Cleo Wattenstrom, and cinematographer Michel Migles.


I did a bit of a double take when I realised he’s had some new ink work done… surprise surprise!!
He already had a beautiful piece of work on his left arm but he’s added to it with a stunning shoulder piece.
It’s very new because it certainly wasn’t there during filming for Suicide Squad!


To finish the day off, the bugs seem to be leaving the house.
Murron is definately back to her old self and is off out with her friends.
Dharma has had a much better day today. She seems to have gotten over the worst of whatever was ailing her and apart from developing a cold, she’s pretty much back to her bubbly self.
I’m not stressing about her any more.

End of January.
End of a shitty month all round.
Hopefully things can only get better for the rest of the year.

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