To all my Tumblr colleagues.
I have used a few Gifs in this blog.
They are Gifs that I have simply collected to look at on my own computer occasionally, however, some of them were irrisistable for this blog.
Unfortuantely I can’t remember who’s they are and would love to give credit where credit is due. If you are the original creator or know who they are, let me know and I will update my post accordingly.

This is a blog I’ve been meaning to write for over 4 months now.
I had the title and saved it and it’s been sitting there, waiting for the right time.
I think that now is that time.

I kind of had a start back on January 2nd with a blog entitled “WHERE DID IT ALL START”

That blog basically covered when I started obsessing and analysed the build up over the years.

It’s no secret that movies have always been a bit of an obsession of mine.
But what people probably don’t really know about me is that that obsession has recently taken a sinister turn.
God that makes it sound really weird!! Maybe sinister is the wrong word.

An ‘odd’ turn may be more appropriate.

Interest in films and various actors has always been a hobby of mine but back in 2012, it took an unnerving turn into obsession.
To this day, I couldn’t tell you what the trigger was or in fact, still is, because it’s happened four times now.

All I remember is, going to see a film that my husband wanted to see, about a character that my husband grew up reading about in comics.
Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to see the film but Judge Dredd was never my thing as a kid.
Dredd 3D was an immense film that had an immense cockup with it’s marketing.
They limited it to exclusively 3D showings and basically cut out half of it’s market.
Not everyone wants to see a film in 3D, not everyone can afford the 3D supplement and some people actually struggle to see 3D.
The film was a critical success. Dredd fans loved it. The reviews came in thick and fast but unfortunately it bombed at the box office. Simply because of the lack of 2D showings and the abysmal marketing.

I came out of that film with the urge to find out more about it’s lead, Karl Urban.
For some reason I couldn’t get him out of my head.
That urge quickly turned into obsession.
I had already seen Karl in a few movies. Star Trek and Lord of the Rings but for some reason it wasn’t until I saw him as Dredd that my interest piqued.

571Eomer 2Dredd visor flames

For some reason, that leather outfit and helmet really ‘did it’ for me.

This is when I got thrown into a world I really new nothing about.
It still baffles me sometimes.
While trawling the internet I suddenly realised that I wasn’t alone in my obsessing.
In fact, what I was doing was actually quite tame compared to some of the things I was witnessing on my internet travels.
It is during this time that I discovered ‘Tumblr’


My only issue with this site is that I feel like a Mum keeping an eye on my unruly teenager!
This site is predominantly for the younger peeps in life.
I tend to watch what’s going on rather than interact directly.
My blog is linked to the site so that every time I blog, it shows up on my dashboard on Tumblr.
This site is all I need to feed my obsession.
The photos, the animated Gifs, the incredible artwork created by the other very talented members of Tumblr, the theories about favourite movie characters, youtube hits on things I would never have found on my own.
Once I start on Tumblr it’s very difficult to stop!

So, four obsessions later, I’m still Tumbling.
Four obsessions who are totally different.

4 obsessions

In my earlier post in January I stated that “My computer currently has folders of pictures that I can look at and print at my hearts content. Back in my teens, this would have been known as my bedroom wall.”

I’m not kidding.
My bedroom walls were a scrap book of images.
They covered the walls from floor to ceiling like wallpaper and they had been stuck on with wallpaper paste. When a new picture was discovered it would simply be plastered over an old picture.

I’d like to think that I’m a little more restrained these days but then I look at my living room and my desk space and I think that restrained is the wrong word!!
Controlled or deliberate may be a better use of words, whatever, I do know that my Mum hates it!!
The poster frames are great. It means that we can change the look and feel of a room by simply changing the posters occasionally.

When I look at my desk space I see shadows of my former bedroom.
The wall space is slowly getting covered and little nic nacs of memorabilia are creeping in.


Desk 2

That computer is holding hundreds of photos!
The photos that would have originally been on my bedroom walls are now filed away and occasionally backed up on my Flikr account.
To date there are 944 of Karl Urban, 678 of Joel Kinnaman, a more restrained 190 of Jake Gyllenhaal and a mere 82 of Adam Driver but as the last two are fairly new obsessions, I’m sure those numbers will go up quickly.

It’s strange, those pictures are there simply for me to have a browse through occasionally and every now and again I’ll pull one for a blog post.
Even when they are backed up to Flikr they are in private files that only I can look at.
All of my other photos are public.

I’m seriously considering creating a hardcopy book that I can just keep adding to occasionally but that’s time and money I just don’t have at the moment.

So, what starts the obsessing?

The films that kicked off my obsessions, in order are…….
Dredd 3D, Robocop, Southpaw and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Let’s take a look at the characters the obsessions were playing…….

4 obsessions 2

What’s the first thing you notice?
With the exception of Jake Gyllenhaal, they are dressed in black (OK Jake is in black) with their faces covered.
They are unrecognisable as the actors playing them.
That said, Jake had transformed himself to virtually unrecognisable to play Billy Hope in Southpaw.

The current obsession has the potential to be the biggest obsession yet!
With the 2nd in the new Star Wars Trilogy set to hit the big screen in 2017 and the 3rd installment in 2019, my obsession with Adam Driver and espcially Kylo Ren is going to go into overdrive.

In ‘The Force Awakens’, from the moment he revealed himself to Rey and realised he could be equalled or even outmatched….

Kylo afraid

through all of his tantrums…..

Kylo temper storm troopers

to the events on the bridge with Han……

Kylo Han


When he utters the words ‘I’m being torn apart’ and ‘I want to be free of this pain’ my heart ached for him!! Literally ached!

I am hoping we get one hell of a redemption arc in the next two movies because if they kill him off in the next one I think I’ll cry!!

So, what happens when the obsession strikes?

A rabbid hunt for anything the actor has done in the past is the first thing.
Movies and TV shows you wouldn’t have even thought about watching or even knew existed are now something you ‘have’ to watch.
Some of it is good, some of it is great but inevitably there are some real duds.
“Cough….Accidental Hero… cough cough…..sorry Jake!!”
Followed by keeping an eye on what they are currently doing or planning to do.
Tumbling for new images on a daily basis.
Checking in on IMDB to see if anything has been added to their filmography.

It’s what keeps me happy and constantly entertained.
I love being obsessed and it most certainly is an art form that not many people understand!

I thank my lucky stars that my husband understands.
He’s happy that he can drool over some of his favourite actresses without complaint from me, so I think we’re even.

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