General diary entries


It’s not even the end of January and already I’ve had enough!!

After the last week in particular I just feel completely drained.
Today, with Ian away on a jolly with work, I have two kids at home.
Murron is recouperating after her stay in hospital and Dharma may be having another flare up of her tummy problems.
My knee is killing me and I’ve developed a pain in the foot I had an op on a couple of years ago but on the opposite side.
I’ve spent the morning paying bills and doing a big top up shop and now I’m done!!

To add to all my worries, todays paycheck was the last of the usual pay checks.
As of next month we are on the first of Ian’s reduced pay so this top up shop has got to last!!
Soup, beans, noodles and anything cheap is the order of the day for the forseeable future.
Oh well, I needed to get this diet started!

I am at work tomorrow and then on Thursday I have to ferry Murron to the hospital, not once, but twice!
They want her to have her blood test in the morning and go back in the afternoon for her follow up.
Yeah, easier said than done with the state of the parking at the moment.

So, that’s it for today.
Time to chill.
Think I’m going to blog another Dish of the Week while listening to some movie music nice and loud!! and then I’m going to put my feet up a watch a couple of movies.

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