Dish of the Weeks


Ok, Star Wars has a lot to answer for!
Not only did it initially give us this……

Han Solo 2 Han Solo 3

but it has just delivered my current favourite obsession……

Kylo Triple.jpg

and there along side him and being all heroic was this little fellow!!

Poe dameron 1 Poe dameron 2

I say little when in fact he’s 5 foot 8 and half inches tall which is a clear 2 and half inches taller than myself.
However, he is dwarfed by most of his current film colleagues and this actually makes him look quite endeering and dare I say… cute!!!

Oscar Isaac 1


Take a close look at this photo of the cast and director of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
Notice anything about Oscar?
He’s standing on a box!!

Poe box!

Oscar Isaac.
36 years old, born in Guatamala and raised in Florida.
I haven’t seen too much of his work yet, but what I have seen is very promising.
Inside Llewyn Davis was brilliant and made all the more enjoyable by a hilarious appearance from Adam Driver!…… Outer Space!!

I had a bit of a duh! moment the other night after realising that he stars in another one of my favourite films, Ex Machina.
His look in that was very different and I literally did a bit of a double take.

oscar isaac 2

One thing that film proves is that he certainly has some moves!

So, Oscar Isaac is one to watch out for!
He is currently filming for Star Wars Episode VIII but can be seen later this year as ‘Apocalypse’ in the new X-Men movie.

oscar isaac 3

I’d say that put him in the unrecognisable category!!!

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