General diary entries


So, a quick update on the last post.

A+E on Weds evening was heaving!
That said, it was obvious to everyone in the waiting room and most were extremely patient.
Murron was triaged, seen by a Doctor and unfortunately ended up being admitted onto the Acute Assessment Unit for the night for IV antibiotics and painkillers.
Considering how slammed they were, I don’t think 4.5 hours was bad going!

Anyway, Murron was made as comfortable as possible for the night and I made my way home to try and get some sleep.

The next morning and with Murron spiking temps of nearly 40, it was decided that she should be admitted to a ward to continue with her IV’s.
At this point they couldn’t rule out an obstruction or stones.
And that is all that happened yesterday. I must admit, I’m a little concerned that no scan has been done yet?

I have spoken to her this morning and she is still spiking temps and still has pain, although the pain is not quite as bad but that could be down to an additional pain killer they have given her.
We are now waiting to hear from Doctors this morning to see how we are going to proceed.
To be honest, I’m half expecting her to be in for another night the way things are going.

But let’s cross that bridge if we get to it.

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