So, Murron is still in hospital.
She was still spiking a temperature of 39.8 this afternoon and that’s nearly 2 days after starting IV antibiotics.
She’s still in quite a bit of pain but has had a scan that confirms there are no stones, which is good news.

Anyway, the last couple of days have been a little difficult to say the least.
Not only because Murron is in hospital but because she is now on an adult ward!
Cutting the last of the apron strings has been a bit tough because Murron is not very forthcoming in asking questions and doesn’t really understand that she needs to take control of her own hospital care now.
I am limited to when I can visit and I worry that she will not be very pro-active when talking to Doctors and nurses.

She had to have a second canula today after the first one failed quite dramatically leaving her with a lovely swelling on her arm.
So, sitting with her this evening she was chatting away to friends and invited some to come and see her.
Feeling like spare parts, me and her Dad decided to call it an evening and leave her to her friends.
Somehow, it doesn’t seem right!!
I know she’s 18 but she’s still my baby.
I’m finding that letting her get on with it is harder than I expected it to be.

On the plus side….. at least we can catch that showing of Star Wars we missed on Wednesday!!

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