So today I had an appointment with my Doctor primarily about my knee.
After also explaining about my achey hips waking me up in the middle of the night and the fact that the joints in my fingers are getting a bit achey, I came away with everything I was expecting.

1 – An order for an x-ray of my right knee and both hips to confirm what both the Doctor and myself are suspecting…… arthritis!!

2 – Advice to lose some weight.

Number two is something I have known I should be tackling for some years now but as with everything else, it’s always been a case of “I’ll start tomorrow”!
Well, I’m out of time now and if I still want to be walking and working for the next 10 years, I’d better get cracking!

So there’s the bad part of the day.

The good part is that Ian suggested a trip to the cinema this evening.
As he now works 9-5 he’ll be home in plenty of time to catch an evening showing.
We also want to spend the day out in MK on Saturday watching a couple of movies.
So I jokingly suggested that we see two ‘new’ movies on Saturday but tonight we could maybe go see Star Wars again!
I nearly choked when he said yes!!!!

Dancing Darth

So there’s the good part of my day.

Can’t wait to see this….

Kylo entrance

and this…..

Kylo temper storm troopers

and ultimately this…..

Kylo Han


For the 7th and absolutely the last time!!!
Until the Bluray release of course.

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