General diary entries


What a dreary day.
I’m having quite a major problem with my knee and I’ve only got 2 days off between last Saturday and this Friday to give it any rest.
I’m spending today ferrying Dharma to the Dr’s for a UTI and then this afternoon to an emergency dental appointment for a chipped tooth after a barny with Murron at the weekend ended in a slap across the face!!!

I am giving my new slow cooker a run today so I’ll be able to put my feet up between appointments.

I have managed to get myself a Dr’s appointment on my other day off which will probably result in a trip to the hospital for an x-ray.
Must admit, I’m a bit worried. It’s been niggling for a while and I thought I had maybe twisted it a bit, but it didn’t get any better and the last couple of weeks have been really uncomfortable.  Today it’s really quite painful and enough is enough. Time to see a Dr.

So, sat here in the walk in centre for the next hour waiting to see a nurse for some antibiotics for Dharma gives me a perfect opportunity to blog.

And look!!! I haven’t mentioned Star Wars, Kylo Ren or Adam Driver once!…… oh wait…. duh!!!

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