Star Wars Musings


Originally posted January 15th and being updated 26th February

Movies are my hobby.
That’s not a surprise to most as I blab on about them all the time and get completely obsessed with them and actors.

Adam Driver 9 045 001 035

I also love behind the scenes stuff.
I love to see how things were put together.
The interaction of the actors off set.
What went into creating the awe inspiring images we now get to see on our big screens.
Some people would argue that this takes away the magic of the finished piece and I couldn’t disaggree more strongly.
If anything, it makes me appreciate what I am seeing all the more.

Today I discovered this little beauty from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
I am hoping it will be included in the Blyray/DVD release of the movie.
It is (surprise, surprise) being removed at a rate of knots from any website that dares to stream it.
So far this link is still working nicely but I apologise if the link doesn’t work when you take a look.

It is around 10 minutes long and shows the before and after images of various scenes side by side.
It astounds me that even after all the set work and stunts and explosions, there’s still so much work that is required to finish of every single scene!!

One shot in particular caught my attention and it will come as no surprise that it involves Kylo Ren (Adam Driver)

In the finished scene, Kylo Ren is in the presence of Lord Snoke and Lord Snoke says..
“The droid we seek is aboard the Millenium Falcon in the hands of your father… Han Solo.” 
Kylo looks up at him and says… “he means nothing to me!”
In the finished scene he looks like this….


That little drop of the head combined with those words….. is he angry? disappointed? upset?
You are left wondering until the scene on the bridge with Han Solo.

However, the scene was originally filmed like this….


This is why I love Adam Driver.
Just look at the emotion in that face.
I fully understand the decision to leave that look until he unmasks himself to Han on the bridge but OMG!
The guy just needs a cuddle and a push in the light direction!
(see what I did there?)

Anyway, take a look at the link if it’s still running.
It’s brilliant.

Now I must resist the urge to go and see it again.
My daily mantra….
9 times is enough!! 9 times is enough!! 9 times is enough!!

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