General diary entries


OK, so we’re now definately into January.
I spent the whole day yesterday taking down the decorations and generally having a clear up.
It’s lovely when they go up but it is equally as lovely when they come down again and everything looks fresh and clean.

That’s downstairs done!

Today, I need to tackle my bedroom that looks like a bomb has gone off in it.
It’s a difficult one.
Ian’s little office space is in one corner with a couple of monitors and laptops always kicking about.
He also organises and paints his models for his X-wing gaming.
I say organises…… and yes, they are organised and in boxes but the leftovers that still need organising or binning are left, ALL OVER THE SODDING PLACE!!!!!
His side of the bed looks like a homeless guy has cocooned himself for the winter.
When I walk into my bedroom, I don’t feel calm and relaxed, I feel like taking his head off!!
And he wonders why I spend my evenings falling asleep on the sofa downstairs!!

The family bathroom is in need of a tidy up.
Although why I bother is anyones guess.
No-one in this family except me, knows that towels don’t dry if they are just dumped in a heap on the floor!!
Empty containers, wrappers and toilet rolls don’t make it into a bin magically.
Again, if I want a relaxing bath, I have to tidy the bathroom up first.

I definatly need to get some washing done today or Mum will kill me when she comes round on Monday.

So, that’s my lot for today then.
Cleaning and washing.
Back to reality with a bump!

I could, if I was feeling really naughty, sneek in another viewing of Star Wars but as I’ve already made plans to see it with my brother in the week who hasn’t seen it yet (I know, strange man!!)
I think today might be pushing my luck a little!

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