General diary entries


This is never a good sign.
Blogging about wanting to do something I really shouldn’t to justify doing it in the end anyway!!

Next year is going to be a little tough financially as Ian takes on a new job role at a slighly lower level and has to work his way back up to where he is now.
We know that our Cineworld cards are going to come in very handy for any time out together.
Our kids are going to have a bit of a shock as the bank of Mum and Dad closes for a year.

Anyway, we had a last minute splurge on a couple of items as a treat for the end of the year.
Ian is eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new T-shirt he can wear to his X-wing gaming days.

Ebay 1

We also found a gorgeous artwork print of a stormtrooper that will probably end up hanging over my piano that is currently displaying some of Ian’s beautifully detailed gaming models.

Ebay 2

The company selling the artwork print had a buy 2 get one free offer so it was a bit rude not to make use of it and we decided on a new Star Wars print and the teaser print for the new Batman vs Superman movie that I saw hanging in the Northampton Cineworld the other day and loved!.

Ebay 3

That was it. Or so I thought.
My STUPID husband went and left an Ebay page open to show me when I got in from work.
You’d think he knew me better than to do that!

Ebay 4

It’s for a set of posters from the US.
All of them Kylo Ren!!
The door poster would sit beautifully right next to me here on the computer.

But we’re not just looking at the cost of the posters.
The two centre posters are Maxi posters that could replace some of our current prints. So not an issue.
I would however, need to get a frame for the door poster and the poster on the end is a smaller 16 x 20 inches so a frame would be required for that too.

I am now in torment.
I stewed over it last night and have been thinking about it all morning.

Time to flip a coin.

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