Dish of the Weeks


BE WARNED….. there are Star Wars spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the film, turn back now!!

OK, this all started a week ago today!

Exactly one week ago today I went to see the new Star Wars movie for the first time.
I was apprehenshive.
I loved the original 3 movies.
I wasn’t overly inspired by the disappointing prequels and their over inflated egos and CGI.
So I went into this one with trepidation.

I needn’t have worried.
I should have known JJ Abrams would have pulled it off!
He is a master at his job.

Anyway, this is where the niggling started.
Kylo Ren was intriguing.

Kylo Ren 4

Tall and brooding and then…… the mask came off!!

Kylo Ren 5

OK, mmm, not what I was expecting, something a little odd but actually quite attractive.
Beautiful thick black glossy hair…… there’s a reason for that and I’ll mention it later.
Deep voice.
He can sulk and boy does he have a temper!
That temper leads to quite possibly, the funniest moment in the new movie.

Kylo temper storm troopers

But most of all, this guy can act!! Sorry to Hayden Christensen but Adam could act you off the screen! With or without a mask!
The scene where he confronts Han, and if you’ve seen the film you’ll know the scene I’m talking about, the acting was astounding.
The torment, the agony, it was all in his eyes every step of the way. He sucker punched me totally.
Even after the events of that scene, I couldn’t stop thinking about him.

So naturally I went to see it again.

Kylo Ren 1

Yep, here we go again.

Just to make sure, I went to see it for a third time.
There’s just no getting away from it.
The bad boy has weasled his way in and I can’t wait to get a good back story on him.
Why did he turn to the dark side?
Why did he despise Han so much?
Why did he NEVER even mention his mother?
Will there be any saving him and if so, how is he ever going to forgive himself?

We have to wait 2 years for the next installment….. really?
OK I know we’re getting Rogue One next year with Mads Mikkelsen but right now I want Episode VIII

Anyway, back to the reason for this post.
Of course, the natural thing to do when an actor makes an impact is to check out what else he’s done.
Thankfully, when it comes to starring roles, he’s still pretty fresh on the market.
Unlike previous Dishes who have a back catalogue that’s hard to find and some of it in different languages, I came across 3 of Adam’s films quite easily.
Tracks, a supporting role.
Adam Driver 3

While we’re young, semi starring role.

While we're young

This is where I leave you, a starring role

Adam Driver 4

He’s been in a TV series, Girls, for the last 5 years that I hope to get a look at later today and he has 3 films on the cards for 2016.
Silence, Midnight Special and Paterson.

Star Wars Episode VIII is filming and set for release in 2017.

Anyway, that’s the actor.
Now, about the man.

He’s 32 and 6’2.5″
After 9/11 he enlisted as a Marine.
When you see this next picture, you’ll see the reason for the lovely long hair!

Adam Driver 5

Oh dear!
Bless him. He must have been about 19 or 20 in this photo.
The marine hair cut doesn’t do him any favours!

Anyway, after serving in Afghanistan for 2 years, he had to be medically discharged after shattering his sternum in a mountain biking accident.

After a year of hard work at the University of Indianapolis, he got accepted into Juilliard.
In 2012, he landed his role in Girls and the rest is history.

Adam Driver 2

Adam Driver 8

He has been blessed with a nose to match his ears, but somehow, in an awquard kind of way, they work.

Adam Driver 7

Adam Driver 6

Adam Driver 9

Expect to see Adam crop up a little more on my blog site!!
I’m expecting big things over the next few years.

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