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As I sit here having a quiet morning cuppa, the turkey has just started cooking, the table is laid, the veggies are prepared, the presents are all sat waiting for the kids to open them up.
The only problem is…. we are making them wait until Nanny and Grandad get round before they open anything!!!
It hasn’t gone down too well with Dharma who woke up an hour ago and is now so excited she’s fit to burst!!
Marjorie and Murron on the other hand, are typical teenagers who just want a bit longer in bed and welcomed the news when I told them last night.

I’ve seen posts of friends and families on FB who have already started opening presents and I can imagine the carnage in a lot of households already this morning.
I remember it well from when my tribe were younger.
I even remember my Dad coming over at the crack of dawn just to see them opening presents.

Those days are fond memories and I now have to deal with a bad tempered 13 year old who thinks it’s highly unfair that we are making her wait.
She only has to wait until 10:30 I might add!!!
Is it really too much to ask?

This time has also given me a chance to think about 2 people who won’t be here this year.

My Nan who I will always miss and cherish.

001 Marjorie Jones

And Auntie Val, who technically wasn’t an Auntie but was there from the day I was born and will always be ‘Auntie’ to me.

010 Val + Phil

To both families I send all my love and hope you still have a wonderful Xmas.
Grissle and Val wouldn’t want it any other way!!

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