Oh dear…. here we go again.
There are rumblings.
I can feel the start of a mini obsession that over the next few years has the potential to become a major obsession.

Adam Driver.

Adam Driver 1 Adam Driver 2

It started on Saturday when we went to see Star Wars the Force Awakens for the first time.
Kylo Ren kind of made an impression on me, even though every fan on the planet now wants to rip his throat out!

Kylo Ren 1

Seeing it for the second time, and that scene, you know the one, the ‘I am conflicted’ scene.
Just for a second my heart breaks for him….. but only for a second.

Seeing it for the third time today I have convinced myself that there is still good in him!!
My husband is disagreeing with me on this one so now ‘I am conflicted’ also!!
Only time will tell.

Anyway, on Sunday I stumbled across a film called Tracks starring Mia Wasikowska.
It’s the true story of a young woman who goes on a 1,700-mile trek across the deserts of West Australia with four camels and her faithful dog.
Adam played Rick, a photographer for a magazine who convinces her to sell her story to help fund her trip.
He meets with her every few weeks to take photos to chronicle the trip.

Adam Driver 3

Tonight I have found another movie.
Back in 2014, there was a film I never got around to seeing, even though the trailer looked hilarious!
It didn’t occur to me until tonight that it is also one of Adam’s first starring roles alongside Jason Bateman.

I just couldn’t help myself.
Time to snuggle in bed before my last shift before Xmas.
Time to have a bit of a giggle with what is hopefully, a film that is as funny as the trailer suggests.

Adam Driver 4

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