General diary entries


9 days left of annual leave.
What have I been up to so far?

Well, I’ve given the house a good clean from top to bottom in preparation for the annual rental agency inspection that we had this morning.
Now that’s out of the way I can really concentrate on getting ready for Xmas.
I have already managed to do some online shopping and the bulk of the Xmas presents are bought and wrapped.
I am going to MK with Mum and Auntie Karen on Tuesday so hopefully a few stocking fillers will be found.
Sunday is going to be spent baking sausage rolls for the freezer… if I can stop Marjorie eating them first!!

Tomorrow is probably going to be a nightmare!
I have promised to take Dharma and Marjorie into town to do some of their own Xmas shopping.
They don’t want to go together so I’m having to do it in two shifts!
Dharma in the morning and Marjorie in the afternoon.
Wish me luck!!

Monday will be spent putting up some decs before I have to take Dharma for a hospital appointment after school.
She has a hospital appointment on Thursday morning too!! Can’t stay away from the place.
Anyway, some time between Tuesday and Thursday I also have to put up my Auntie Karen’s tree and my Mum’s tree.

By Friday, I hope to be just about ready for Xmas.
Gives me a couple of days to relax and enjoy things for a while before getting back to work.

And I’ve only been to the cinema once!!


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