General diary entries


Today was my first full day of my annual leave.
It’s been lovely.
The thought of everything I have to do before I go back on 7th December makes me a little bit giddy.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be completing the Xmas shopping.
All presents will be bought and wrapped.
All baking will be done.
All trees and decs will be up.
The house will have had a deep clean ready for our annual rental agency inspection.

Today I did a little shopping.
I actually cooked a roast dinner for the first time in…. I can’t remember how long.
I actually made a start on Xmas.
I was feeling a little inspired after Dharma showed me a picture so I had a go at creating a table centre piece for Xmas day.

Xmas Table Centre

Right, now for a glass of vino and a movie.

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