General diary entries


Only 5 and a half shifts to go before another 2 weeks off.
Frightening things is, that two weeks is my annual Xmas preparation time.
It’s frightening how quickly this year has gone.

Anyway, can’t think about that yet.
Having said that, I have already bought a few presents.
It’s getting harder and harder to think of things for the girls.
They already have everything they want.
I’m sure I’ll get some ideas soon.

Anyway, today was a relax day after 2 very long shifts.
I did have an important appointment to keep this afternoon though.
I went to the cemetary with my Mum, Auntie Karen, Auntie Kim Auntie Gwynn and Uncle Terry to see Nan’s ashes laid to rest in a small sanctum in a lovely part of the cemetary and right next to a bench.
I will admit, I did not expect to carry Nan’s ashes and actually place them in the sanctum myself and it kind of took my breath away a bit, but I’m glad I did it as I got to hug her one last time.

Anyway, I cheered myself up this afternoon with a couple of films and I think I’ll try and squeeze another one in before going to bed and an early start for work tomorrow.

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