General diary entries


Well what a miserable day it is today!!
Grey skies, horrible and wet!

I have been pondering what to do today and have come to just one conclusion.
Ian is in the middle of 5 night shifts so I can’t do any serious vacuum related cleaning.
The kids are all still in bed and I need to keep them quiet.
So, a quick trip to get packup stuff for the kids for school and some nibbles and then an afternoon on the sofa with a bottle of wine and a few movies is in order.

I am coming to the end of a 50 hour week and am about to go into my second one so I think a bit of relaxation is in order.
Especially as even the thought of relaxing over the next couple of weeks will be a luxury.
We’ve got our annual rental agency inspection on the 23rd so I have to make sure the house is in tip top condition.
All those niggly little jobs that I keep putting off will have to be done.

That’s fine by me because it means my house will be in tip top condition going into 2 weeks of annual leave.
My annual ‘get ready for Xmas’ leave.
A tidy house will mean I will be free to concentrate on Xmas.
All presents will be bought and wrapped.
Baking will be done.
Trees will be up.
All before I go back to work.

It’s a plan.
I just need to get motivated to move off this chair now.

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