Dish of the Weeks


OK, this Dish of the Week has been overlooked for far too long.
After seeing Spectre for the first time yesterday I’m now going to put that right.

Daniel Craig.

Daniel Craig 1

YUM, YUM and YUM!!!!

James Bond has NEVER looked this good.
A little rough around the edges but smooth as silk.
This man knows how to rock a suit.

Daniel Craig 3
He has a swagger that makes you go weak at the knees.


The best thing about this bond is he’s like a pitbull!
If he gets his sights on you, you don’t stand a chance.
The opening sequences to all of his films proove this.
If you try and escape through a window…. bond will just go through the wall!!


And of course…… just look at him!!

Daniel Craig 2


Daniel Craig 4

Daniel Craig 5

Daniel Craig 6

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