General diary entries


So, Ian has been on a 24 hour BP machine after recent on the spot bp’s were consistently high.
Bloody thing going off every half hour. I spent the night on the sofa and left him to it!
Anyway, we went along to the GP’s this morning to find out that his blood pressure is absolutely fine.

So, after that we immediately headed off to Northampton general where Ian underwent a nerve conduction study on his wrists. The outcome was a positive diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome.
Great! Just what he needs on top of his arthritis.

Anyway, as we were already in Northampton we decided to make a day of it and started with a light breakfast at Frankie and Benny’s.
We are now waiting to see Spectre and will probably have dinner later at Bella Italia.
Who knows, we may even squeeze in another movie.

Categories: General diary entries

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