General diary entries


Last night I broke through 300 films for the year so far.
Considering we are only on day 296 I think that’s pretty good going!

I will be adding to that score by at least another 2 cinema trips tomorrow.

I’ve talked Ian into going to see Crimson Peak.
Not that he had much of a choice….. my birthday, my decision.
But for anyone who knows Ian, you’ll appreciate the sacrifice he’s making.
He absolutely hates supernatural films.
With a passion, I might add.
He doesn’t believe there’s nothing to the supernatural element and it freaks him out!
He can’t even watch the original Poltergeist!

Anyway, I’ve promised him we can go and see the Last Witch Hunter as well.
That’s a little more his style.

My only risk now is, that because of the times they are both showing, we will have to see the Last Witch Hunter first!!
If he tries to back out of Crimson Peak there could be a divorce on the horizon!!

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