General diary entries


So, what have I been up to so far on my annual leave?

Well, looks like I missed my one day of good weather to do anything about the garden!!
What a shame. I’m really gutted about that one! (feel the sarcasm!)

I had my butterfly on my wrist done on Monday and it’s healing nicely.
I took mum for an appointment at the hospital on Tuesday and did some tidying.
I changed my bedroom quite dramatically on Weds simply by changing the bedding and curtains and then I spent the afternoon watching the three Back to the Future movies.
Weds 21st October 2015……. It had to be done and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Today, I am having a tidy up of my PC and catching up on the UV downloads I’ve collected over the last couple of months.
Roughly 18 UV’s to download!! Going to take a while.

I am taking Dharma to the Doctors after school.
She’s been having a problem with pain in her right wrist that has been getting steadily worse.
It’s now impacting on her every day activities. It could be her hypermobility but I’m worried it may be something else we are going to have to worry about.
With her Dad’s history of arthritis and other issues we just don’t know.

I’m hoping the rain holds off today and into tomorrow.
I might actually be able to get something done tomorrow.

So, the answer to my initial question is….

Doing stuff but nothing much and doing it in my own time.

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