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Today is DVD/Bluray release day.
I was quite excited about today as Jurassic World is released.

So I headed over to Tesco to pick it up.
As we have a 3D TV I grabbed the 3D copy without really looking at what I was getting.
Every other 3D film we’ve bought had also got a 2D bluray copy so that the kids could watch it on their TV’s.
To be honest, I don’t always like to watch the 3D version so it’s nice to have the choice.
These 3D and 2D combined films are usually around 18 – 20 pounds.
So as this Jurassic world 3D was being sold for £18 I didn’t think twice.

Anyway, I opened up the case only to find that it did not have a 2D copy.
Yes it has a UV copy like all the other Blurays we’ve got but it didn’t have a physical 2D disc.
After looking on the internet, it looks like I can’t get a combined one.
If I want the 2D copy I’ll have to stump up another £15!

Crafty buggers!!
They needn’t think they’re getting away with that one again.

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