General diary entries


Sensible is not a word I usually associate with Murron.

Last night Murron was…… sensible!!!
Murron turned 18 yesterday.

How did that happen!!!!

She enjoyed her day at college.
She scrounged a lift home from me so she didn’t have to endure the bus and would have more time to change and get back out with her friends.
She dissappeared out the door with money in her pocket and a curfew of 1am.


To say I was a little nervous is an understatement.
But, as always, Murron surprised me.
She was home at midnight.
She was happy but not plastered.
She had been……. sensible!!

So, time for the not so sensible part.
Today we are both getting our first tattoos!!
Nothing drastic, just little hearts.
Could be the start of something!!

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