Month: October 2015


OK, this Dish of the Week has been overlooked for far too long.
After seeing Spectre for the first time yesterday I’m now going to put that right.

Daniel Craig.

Daniel Craig 1

YUM, YUM and YUM!!!!

James Bond has NEVER looked this good.
A little rough around the edges but smooth as silk.
This man knows how to rock a suit.

Daniel Craig 3
He has a swagger that makes you go weak at the knees.


The best thing about this bond is he’s like a pitbull!
If he gets his sights on you, you don’t stand a chance.
The opening sequences to all of his films proove this.
If you try and escape through a window…. bond will just go through the wall!!


And of course…… just look at him!!

Daniel Craig 2


Daniel Craig 4

Daniel Craig 5

Daniel Craig 6


So, Ian has been on a 24 hour BP machine after recent on the spot bp’s were consistently high.
Bloody thing going off every half hour. I spent the night on the sofa and left him to it!
Anyway, we went along to the GP’s this morning to find out that his blood pressure is absolutely fine.

So, after that we immediately headed off to Northampton general where Ian underwent a nerve conduction study on his wrists. The outcome was a positive diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome.
Great! Just what he needs on top of his arthritis.

Anyway, as we were already in Northampton we decided to make a day of it and started with a light breakfast at Frankie and Benny’s.
We are now waiting to see Spectre and will probably have dinner later at Bella Italia.
Who knows, we may even squeeze in another movie.


Good morning world.
I am now half way through some annual leave and apart from relaxing I have done….. nothing much!

I had a lovely day yesterday for my birthday.
Again, nothing special, just doing what I love the most. Going to see a couple of movies and a meal out. Perfect.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes left on my FB page.
I was feeling particularly loved yesterday.

Anyway, back to today.
Today I am problably going to the cinema….. yes again!
Me and Ian are going to take Marjorie to see either Pan or Suffragette. Can’t decide.

The clocks went back an hour last night and in true fashion, I couldn’t sleep in this morning.
The only problem was that it wasn’t 08:30 it was 07:30!!!
Oh well, gives me plenty of time to get some tidying up done and a Tesco run done before we go out at lunch time.

So, sat here having a little play around on the computer and I find a little news article that sends the hairs up on the back of my neck.
In a good way, I might add.

A group of passionate musicians wanted to invite the Foo Fighters to play a gig in their city of Cesena in Northern Italy.
They wanted the invite to be special and have an impact and this is what they came up with.

This is probably my favourite Foo Fighters song and to hear it being played and sung by over 1000 musicians just made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up!!
It’s absolutely amazing!

The outcome….. Foo Fighters play Cesena on November 3rd!!!


Last night I broke through 300 films for the year so far.
Considering we are only on day 296 I think that’s pretty good going!

I will be adding to that score by at least another 2 cinema trips tomorrow.

I’ve talked Ian into going to see Crimson Peak.
Not that he had much of a choice….. my birthday, my decision.
But for anyone who knows Ian, you’ll appreciate the sacrifice he’s making.
He absolutely hates supernatural films.
With a passion, I might add.
He doesn’t believe there’s nothing to the supernatural element and it freaks him out!
He can’t even watch the original Poltergeist!

Anyway, I’ve promised him we can go and see the Last Witch Hunter as well.
That’s a little more his style.

My only risk now is, that because of the times they are both showing, we will have to see the Last Witch Hunter first!!
If he tries to back out of Crimson Peak there could be a divorce on the horizon!!


So, what have I been up to so far on my annual leave?

Well, looks like I missed my one day of good weather to do anything about the garden!!
What a shame. I’m really gutted about that one! (feel the sarcasm!)

I had my butterfly on my wrist done on Monday and it’s healing nicely.
I took mum for an appointment at the hospital on Tuesday and did some tidying.
I changed my bedroom quite dramatically on Weds simply by changing the bedding and curtains and then I spent the afternoon watching the three Back to the Future movies.
Weds 21st October 2015……. It had to be done and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Today, I am having a tidy up of my PC and catching up on the UV downloads I’ve collected over the last couple of months.
Roughly 18 UV’s to download!! Going to take a while.

I am taking Dharma to the Doctors after school.
She’s been having a problem with pain in her right wrist that has been getting steadily worse.
It’s now impacting on her every day activities. It could be her hypermobility but I’m worried it may be something else we are going to have to worry about.
With her Dad’s history of arthritis and other issues we just don’t know.

I’m hoping the rain holds off today and into tomorrow.
I might actually be able to get something done tomorrow.

So, the answer to my initial question is….

Doing stuff but nothing much and doing it in my own time.


Today is DVD/Bluray release day.
I was quite excited about today as Jurassic World is released.

So I headed over to Tesco to pick it up.
As we have a 3D TV I grabbed the 3D copy without really looking at what I was getting.
Every other 3D film we’ve bought had also got a 2D bluray copy so that the kids could watch it on their TV’s.
To be honest, I don’t always like to watch the 3D version so it’s nice to have the choice.
These 3D and 2D combined films are usually around 18 – 20 pounds.
So as this Jurassic world 3D was being sold for £18 I didn’t think twice.

Anyway, I opened up the case only to find that it did not have a 2D copy.
Yes it has a UV copy like all the other Blurays we’ve got but it didn’t have a physical 2D disc.
After looking on the internet, it looks like I can’t get a combined one.
If I want the 2D copy I’ll have to stump up another £15!

Crafty buggers!!
They needn’t think they’re getting away with that one again.


I can honestly say that my mid-life crisis is now in full swing!!
In the last couple of weeks I have had not one, but two tattoos!

When Murron turned 18 and I could no longer stop her getting one, I decided to join her.
We both started small.
I had a heart behind my ear and she had a small heart on the back of her neck.

Shelly heart tattoo  Murron heart tattoo

We both signed up for our second one on the same day.

Today was the day.
I wanted something a little bit dainty that could be a talking point with the kiddies at work.
So I had a little 3d butterfly on my wrist.
Here it is.
Still very fresh and the colours need to settle a bit but that’s it!
No going back.

Shelly butterfly tattoo

It’s going to freak me out a little until I get used to it being there I think.

Murron wanted to be a little more adventurous and picked a really pretty piece that she can get coloured at a later date.

Murron leg tattoo
Her reaction was…..
“Stings like a son of a bitch!!…..when can I get another!”
There’s no hope for her.

I just hope she leaves it now for a couple of years.
Until she’s matured a bit.
Hopefully this has got that ‘need’ to have one out of her system a little.
Then again, that’s probably wishful thinking!

I chose today to get it done because I’ve just started 2 weeks of annual leave.
Plenty of time for the tattoo to heal before being exposed to any bugs at work.

2 weeks.
I am going to just relax, have a change of pace and just do what I want, when I want.
The house could do with a bit of a deep clean and the garden needs to be made ready for winter.
Just need a break in the weather for that one.

I know that doesn’t sound like much of a break but it’s a change of pace.
I’m not under any pressure to get any of it done.

It’s my birthday on Saturday and I can feel a double trip to the cinema and a meal out coming on!
I’m going to a halloween party at my brothers on the 31st.
I’m dressing up with my Dad but I can’t say as what because I’m trying to keep it a secret from my brother and he’s been fishing for clues.
I know he reads my blog occasionally.
I will post pictures later.

I’ve just realised that after this annual leave, I’ve only got three weeks of work before my next two weeks of annual leave.
Frightening thing is, that’s my 2 weeks of Xmas preparation.
By the end of that annual leave, my trees will be up, the baking will be done and all the presents will be bought and wrapped.

Got to make the most of it this year.
From January, Ian will be taking a cut in pay as he changes his job within the company he already works for.
It’s going to be a tough year financially (just as we’ve gotten on top of things). Typical!
It means Ian gets off shift for the first time in over 30 years which is the main reason for the change.
It’s also a challenge for him and as long as he takes on all the training his wages will increase incrementally until he’s back to what he’s currently on, hopefully by the end of next year.
The best bit though is he will then have opportunities to go further which he currently doesnt have.

So, we are now on a 5 year plan.
As long as we reign in the spending over the next year, we should be OK.

Right, what’s for dinner tonight?
Erm…… beans on toast for the foreseable future I think.