General diary entries


So, last night was the end of an era.
We had some tough family news that I won’t go into right now.
Needless to say, my whole family needs a huge hug and the next few weeks are going to be incredibly hard on everyone.
I’ll go into more detail when the dust has settled a little.

Anyway, back to today and it’s difficult to say this without sounding incredibly selfish after last night’s news.
Today is Marjorie’s 16th birthday!!
She took last night’s news quite hard but woke up today with optimism and actually went to school to be with her friends.
Thankfully she had her birthday sleepover celebrations on Saturday evening.
We didn’t have much planned for today, in fact I should have been at work but a small meltdown on the phone to work last night put paid to that idea!!

We have decided to keep the day as cheerful as possible and we are going to take the girls out for dinner instead of mooching around the house the whole evening.
Needless to say, Marjorie will not be forgetting her 16th birthday anytime soon.

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