Film Reviews


I took some time out this afternoon to go and see The Man From Uncle with Ian.
I’ve been wanting to see this film for weeks and simply haven’t been able to find the right time.
Either I had work commitments, or Ian had work commitments, or there was simply another movie that took priority.
Anyway, today was the day.

I went into it with some trepidation as I was never a huge fan of the original series.
I was, however, a fan of Henry Cavill. I’ve loved him ever since he was King Henry’s right hand man in the Tudors, Charles Brandon and I am so happy he is the new Superman.

Henry Cavill

At 6 foot 1 inches, he is tall and smouldering and has beautiful eyes and a wicked smile and knows how to pile on the muscle when needed.

However, watching The Man From Uncle, I found my attention being pulled away from the smouldering Henry by Armie Hammer.
I’ve never really seen him in anything.
The Lone Ranger just looked so bad I’ve never gone near it.
I may rectify that.
Armie hammer stands a clear 4 inches taller than Superman himself and this kept steeling my attention.
He’s quite a handsome man.

Armie Hammer

On closer inspection of his IMDB profile however, it turns out that I’m old enough to be his mother!!!

I’ll end this blog by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed The Man From Uncle.
I would like to see a sequel but I don’t think it’s been doing very well and may not make it to another outing.
Time will tell.

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