General diary entries


So it’s been three weeks since my last blog.
I’m seeing a trend.
It happens every year.
I start the year with all good intentions to blog virtually daily and by August I slow down and by Christmas it virtually comes to a stop.
I get Christmas out of my system and it starts all over again.
Every year I promise to get fit and lose weight and every year it fails.
Maybe next year will be different, who knows.

Anyway, back to the last three weeks.

Two weeks ago Marjorie finally had a surgery on her foot.
For nearly four years she has been dealing with Freiburgs disease that has destroyed the joint in the third toe on her right foot.
The cartilage had crumbled to nothing and the bones had rubbed together and chipped little pieces into the joint and created a ridge on one of the bones.
Needless to say she has had constant pain for nearly 4 years now.
The surgery simply cleared out all the debris and smoothed off the bone ends to try and make her more comfortable.
The good news is that just two weeks post surgery and still very fresh and bruised, she is in less pain than she’s been in for a long while and is basically not taking much pain relief at all any more.
She even went for a walk the other night and came skipping back through the door with a huge smile on her face.
Only time will tell how effective the surgery has been.
It’s a permanent condition and the chances are she’ll need more surgery in the future, but for now, she’s happy and virtually pain free.

A couple of weeks ago, I handed in the last of the required units for my college course.
My assessor has signed it off and my portfolio is now reading 100% complete….. however….. I am now waiting for an internal Quality checker to give it all the once over and sign it off completely.
I have, what is hopefully, my last college review on Wednesday where I an hoping to be told that I am signed off and finished.
Then that’s it, diploma done!
It’s been so nice over the last couple of weeks to be able to just relax at home and not worry about what college work needs doing on my days off!

Next year ‘may’ be a challenge financially.
I say ‘maybe’ because nothing is confirmed yet and it’s a long story.
Ian is currently working on shifts with a company and is at his limit for progression.
He’s also at his limit for health.
He’s done shift work for over thirty years and it is now taking it’s toll on him physically.
He’s had three doctors telling him to get off shift which he has been trying to do for the last couple of years.
A few weeks ago he had the opportunity to apply for a job with the company he’s already working for, with a team he did a secondment with last year that would get him off shift.
However, a day before the close of the advertisement for the job and after he’s already been interviewed, all new jobs were placed on hold by the company.
He has recently found out, that if the job is opened up again in January, it’s his but it will mean a cut in pay until he comes up to spec with the training required.
As he trains, he should see increments at 6 months and again at 12 months which will bring him back to where he is now but in the mean time we are going to be £350 out of pocket when it comes to paying bills every month.


However, it’s doable but we are relying on his bonus in March to help us cover the difference.
It’s a gamble. He’s never not got a bonus since he started working for the company but the bonus is not guaranteed.
The job also gives him more chance to progress with the company and reach more financially.

So as you can see, we have a lot of soul searching to do and a big decision to make over the next few months.

Today is a day off between 4 long days.
I’ve just done 3 x 12.5 hour shifts and I’m doing another tomorrow.
I actually slept until 09:30 this morning which is very unlike me. I must have needed it.
I have another shift on Wednesday and then I have 3 days off.
I am really looking forward to them.
The house is tidy so will just need a quick spruce up.
The washing and ironing are on top of and again will just need a spruce up.
There’s no college work to worry about.
The garden can now wait until my annual leave in October.
I plan to do a lot of movie catchups with Ian and generally relax for a change.

I am just recovering from three really tough shifts and putting my feet up for the afternoon.
Roll on Thursday.

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