General diary entries


Today I am coming down to earth with a bump!

I’ve had just over two weeks of annual leave and although we didn’t have holiday plans, it’s been lovely just pottering around at my own pace.
We’ve been exceptionally naughty and spent way too much.
Take out’s, meals out, cinema trips with and without the kids, a day out at Twycross Zoo, cupboards always loaded with naughty treats, fridge always stocked with beer and wine.

I haven’t totally wasted my time though.
I have been keeping up with the washing and the ironing because Mum has been away and I’ve also been working to finish my college course.
I thought I’d test the water with my final project and uploaded it to my portfolio for my assessor to look at and she came back to tell me that it was brilliant and covered all the outcomes. No tweaking necessary!!
All I need now is my witness statement from my Playleader colleague at work who help me with it.
I also need to get another witness statement but apart from those, my college course is complete.

98% complete!!

The only thing that suffered this year is my garden.
Plenty of new flowers planted and coming up. Really hope they come back next year.
The only problem is that with all the recent rain, it’s all beginning to look a bit overgrown and unkempt.
The casualty of my college course.
It will get extra special treatment next year.

So today is depressingly going to be spent catching up on some washing and ironing.
I’ll be doing my best to finish off the beer and wine.
Then I need to be getting ready to go back to work tomorow.
It’s going to be a long week followed by a stressful week as Marjorie gets her surgery on the 24th.

The treadmill has been sitting in the corner calling for me to use it.
As we now have the possibility of not 1 but 2 family weddings in the not too distant future, I’d better start being good and actually use the damned thing!

All I have to decide now is what movie am I going to put on?

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