Occasional rants


As you can tell from the title, it’s time for a grumble.
A grumble is not quite a rant.

Anyway, today was supposed to be a trip out to Twycross Zoo with two of the kids but after all the rain yesterday and the same threat today, we have postponed it to tomorrow.
Have we made the right choice?…. only time will tell.
So today will be filled with the delights of house work but we have planned to take Dharma and Marji to see see ‘Pixels’ and go out to dinner, so the day is not a total washout.

So, grumble number 2.
I recently subscribed to Amazon Prime, simply because I wanted to see the show ‘Outlander’ because every other big TV channel was too chicken shit to pick it up because of the Scottish Independence vote.

Now, we already have Netflix which we love, love, love! so subscribing to another service was a big decision.
However, am I enjoying the service?
No not particularly.
Why is that?
Because I spent an hour the other night exploring and finding loads of stuff that I wanted to watch but NONE of it was included in the prime subscription.


Every single thing I came across had to be purchased.
I subscribe and pay out monthly so everything should be available to me like Netflix.
I shouldn’t be having to fork out more money every time I want to watch something.
I am now in two minds to cancel the service because paying for it monthly to wait for a show that airs for just 16 weeks of the year is stupid.
I might as well just wait and buy the DVD box set!

Grumble number 3.
A friend of one of my daughters got her exmas results yesterday and although they were pretty good, there was one disappointment.
It happened to be in a subject she needed to continue into college so she is going to take it again.

Why is this a grumble?

This is a grumble because during the school year, her work in this subject picks up A’s and B’s.
She falls apart in exams.

I cannot understand, and will NEVER understand how 2 years of schoolwork can be graded correctly from a 2 hour exam.
The pressure placed on kids going into an exam means that the result is not a fair reflection of that student’s abilities.

I know for a fact that if my end of school results had been based on my actual work over the previous two years and not on a single exam, I would probably be in a much better situation in life.
My lack of qualifications has always held me back and yet I was a hard worker in school and always did well.
It just did not reflect in my exam results because I was a nervous wreck taking them!!

Kids should be graded on their work as they go through the last two years of school.
Those grades should then ALL be taken into consideration when giving a ‘final’ graduation grade to the student.
This is a much better way of ensuring a child’s ability is fairly graded and their final grade will be a better reflection of their ability.

OK, now that’s all off my chest, time to get dressed and actually get some work done.

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